The Pass Bus smart card


The Pass Bus: Your everyday smart card

Simple and convenient, Pass Bus is your personal smart card that lets you load your various season tickets and/or your «4 journey» tickets throughout the year. It is not very durable and must be kept in its holder.

 How can I get one?

It is easy. Simply ask one of our assistants or Bus Verts agents who will give you an application form.
You can download this application form directly by clicking here (PDF format). If you wish to pay for your annual season ticket by direct debit, you must fill in the direct debit mandate available for download here, sign it and return it to us together with details of your bank account to be debited.

The document must be filled in completely, signed and sent back with a recent identity photo, a photocopy of proof of age in order to qualify for the Pop fare and a payment of 7€. You must hand it in directly at one of our 6 points d'accueil 6 travel centres or send it to us at:

Service Commercial BUS VERTS         
CS 80127
- 14128 Mondeville cedex
After your annual season ticket application has been registered, we will send you a copy of your direct debit mandate and a schedule for the payments to be taken from your account.

When will I receive it?

Creating or duplicating a Pass Bus takes (excluding week-ends and public holidays):

  •   5 days for it to be sent to your home address or for you to pick it up from a travel centre of your choice


 While waiting for your card to be created, you must pay for your travel.


How do I load my season ticket(s) onto my Pass Bus?

They are sold at Bus Verts travel centres and at 90 outlets (see the list here).



If your Pass Bus is lost, stolen or damaged, quickly fill in the form by clicking here (PDF format).


Which season ticket should I get?


> 12 month season ticket (only from our travel centres):

• Season ticket which can be used on all the network routes for an unlimited number of journeys, subject to the number of sections on your card.

• last 3 months free (Pop season ticket for under 26s)


• last 2 months free (Jazz season ticket for over 26s)


• 50% paid for by your employer


> Weekly (Monday to Sunday) or monthly (1st to the last day of the month) season ticket:

Only valid for the route you have chosen.

• 50% paid for by your employer.

The 12-month, weekly and monthly season tickets give you unlimited travel for the period purchased.


> Abon’Ecole season ticket: up to the Bac (A-levels):


Important: before you buy a season ticket, contact the County Council Transport Department on 02 31 57 15 95 or go to to find out how to receive the School Pass. If you are refused, choose the Abon’Ecole season ticket:

• Can only be used during term time according to the Zone A school calendar
• It entitles you to a return trip every school day between your home and the school

PLEASE NOTE: This season ticket cannot be used on the connecting Caen urban network. 


> “4 journey” ticket:


Please note that the 4 journey ticket must be loaded for the first time at one of our travel centres.

• For occasional trips or on top of the weekly or monthly season ticket.
• Only valid for the number of zones scheduled.


  Smart tip: You can use your Pass Bus on Twisto connections (except for the Abon'Ecole season ticket)


> Calvados County Council School Pass:


You may apply for school transport for pupils aged 6 through to the Upper Sixth form (under the terms set by Calvados County Council):


- on line by clicking here

- by telephone on 02 31 57 15 95

 - By post to the Service des Transports Conseil Général du Calvados - 22 Boulevard Bertrand - 14 000 CAEN