This fare offers a 15% reduction compared to the Jazz fare for the same season ticket.

To obtain it, simply provide proof of your age.

To get the most suitable fare, you must consider how often you travel:


You travel from time to time or occasionally: choose the 1 journey or 4 journey ticket 

Ticket magnétiqueThe Pop 1 journey ticket:
Buy it from the driver when you get on the bus or at Bus Verts travel centres.

The Pop Fare 4 journey ticket:
The Pop Fare 4 journey ticket offers a 20% reduction compared to buying four Pop 1 journey tickets.

It is sold at our travel centres (see the list here) and at Bus Verts outlets (see the list here).


 If you want a return ticket, simply ask the driver for a 2 journey ticket.


You travel regularly, in other words at least 4 days a week: choose the Pop Season Ticket


The Season Ticket is loaded onto a personal smart card which costs 7€, and which must be bought first (see Bus Verts season ticket form).

Once your smart card has been created, you can choose between the weekly or monthly season ticket and the 12 month season ticket or the Abon'Ecole School Season Ticket.


To find out about season tickets, click here